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Floor plans in real estate sales and marketing

As an innovative real estate agent I started using floor plans in real estate sales brochures years ago - and was one of the first realtors to do so. Why not?  It’s a bit of trouble to create them – but they are very useful to potential buyers.  I use them on the property specific websites I build for my listings and in the printed advertising materials created for the property.  They are accessible via a QR code – so buyers when visiting my listings can quickly access floor plans on their mobile devices. 

Buyers can use them in many ways including helping them remember the layout after leaving the property, sharing the layout with family members and friends not in the local area, to draw floor plan changes to make the home right for them, and of course to layout their furniture to imagine how they will live in the property.

There are many services offered to make the floor plan drawing easier.  From companies that visit the site and measure and draw for you – to websites that you can send a photo or scan of the building plans to – and they draw it for you in a marketing quality piece.  Use floor plans – it helps sell homes. 

 Floor 1 floorplan Lundy.jpg