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Email filtering that works for a Los Altos realtor

We are all busy in life and as a busy real estate agent - excess email can be tedious – and time consuming.  Filtering thru the fluff to get to the important stuff can be difficult.  In the past I usually had about 300 emails in my inbox – and I receive at least 300 emails per day.  I have tried many ways to cut thru the fat to see only the important emails - and this is how I currently do that.

First of all I use Google business email.  I am very happy with the combination of calendar, email and other services – I pay about $5 per month for Google Services @Google

Next Cloudmark anti spam software checks my emails and pulls out any spam from my inbox before I see it.   I use their free service – and have for years – works very well. @Cloudmark

Then I use Sanebox.  This is a game changer for me – I went from 300 emails in my inbox to under 20.  You teach it to filter out the less important emails and leave only the most important ones in your inbox.  The less important ones are placed in another folder which you can review as you have extra time – knowing the important emails are clearly visible in the inbox.  @Sanebox

As a realtor in the @Los Altos, California area response time to emails is important to my business.  And the combination of these services allows me to better focus on the important emails and as time permits look at the other stuff.